"Hi every one

August Friday the 15th is Mikao Usui Birthday, I thought it would be
a great idea if we honoured the founder of the reiki healing system
by spending an hour sending healing into the collective consciousness
of our world to help bring healing to those who are in suffering
because of war, famine, abuse and violence. As a collective effort we
can do some good. The hour chosen is 8pm your own time, this way due
to the different time zones that we all live in reiki will flow into
the collective conscious at different intervals thus empowering
healing. Please invite your reiki friends or you own reiki group into
this project.

Technique: the collective consciousness of the planet holds not only
joys that are experienced on Earth but also all the pain and
suffering, to channel into the collective consciousness we need to
focus into the ring of light that surrounds our planet and channel
into it all the love and healing you are able to master, the
intention of the healing is to bring peace and rescue from war,
famine, violence and abuse.

It doesn't matter whether you perform the healing on your own or in
a group, it doesn't even matter if you can't spare a whole hour: love
and blessing to you all